About US

Our Story

The founders, united by a shared passion, envisioned a space where black RCICs could address the unique challenges faced by black immigrants. With a fervent desire for just systems and advocacy, they came together, creating a network where shared experiences and support could thrive. In June 2022, WhatsApp and Facebook groups were established, and black RCICs joined through referrals. On August 8th 2023, the organization was registered as a non for profit organization.

Our Founders

Yerusalem Berhane

Yerusalem Berhane stands out as a seasoned expert and reliable advisor with over two decades of experience in delivering immigration services globally. She is a licensed professional accredited by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. Originally hailing from Eritrea, Yerusalem’s exceptional skills and academic achievements led her to Canada, where she served as a certified interpreter for Amharic.

Taihisa Hill-Guye

Taihisa is a versatile professional with a diverse academic background, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Southern Connecticut State University and a Master’s in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from North Carolina University. Driven by her own experience as an immigrant and challenges of navigating the system, Taihisa pursued an immigration consultant diploma, leading to her licensure in 2021. She founded Tabula Rasa Immigration Services…

Our Mission

Black Africanness RCIC, a professional network which comprises of certified Black Immigration Consultants & lawyers, and student advisors (RISIA), all in good standing with their respective governing bodies. Our mission is to empower licensed immigration professionals within the Canadian Black
community by offering a platform for networking, co-counselling, and education.

Dedicated to excellence, integrity, and inclusivity, we adeptly navigate the intricate landscape of Canadian immigration laws and policies. Our commitment ensures a smooth and equitable journey for our clients. Through our expertise, advocacy, and deep cultural understanding, we endeavor to nurture diverse, vibrant, and cohesive communities. Our goal is to create a Canada that warmly embraces everyone, making it a welcoming home for all.

Our Vision

At Black Africanness RCIC, our vision is to lead the charge in advocating for equitable immigration processes within the Black community. We are committed to empowering our Black Immigration Professionals with comprehensive training, ensuring they excel in preparing robust applications on behalf of their respective clients. Our aim is to shape a future where immigration serves as a catalyst for positive transformation, dismantling barriers and fostering cross-cultural understanding.

We envision a Canada where every newcomer, regardless of their background, is empowered to make meaningful contributions to society. By enriching our nation’s tapestry with diverse talents, perspectives, and experiences, we strive to build an inclusive society. Through our unwavering dedication, we work towards a Canada where equality, compassion, and unity form the bedrock, setting an example of harmonious coexistence for the global community.

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